FIDIC Procurement Procedures Guide (2011)

The Guide covers the procurement of engineering and building works for projects of all sizes and complexities. It emphasises the importance of preliminary investigation and studies before a construction or other engineering project is undertaken, and the development of a realistic project strategy for its realisation.

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The document provides essential guidance on the underlying concepts and philosophy of procurement, and the planning necessary to form a sound basis for the forthcoming project. The Guide then explains how the project strategy should be developed, as this will govern all subsequent stages of the process. Detailed guidance is given on each step of the tendering process for every type of engineering project, and advice on the choice of the applicable FIDIC standard contract form. The Guide covers systematically all stages of procurement, from identification of the need for a project or facility up to the receipt of tenders and award of contracts for its implementation. The Guide includes sample documents covering such matters as prequalification, instructions to tenderers and tender securities, and has useful appendices discussing, for example, operation and maintenance aspects, preparation of ‘employer’s requirements’, performance-based procurement, privately-financed projects and contents of contractors’ proposals.

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