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  • We have 60 years of experience, representing the interests of the engineering, consulting, architecture and technological services sector in Spain.

  • TECNIBERIA is made up of companies of all sizes and fields.

  • The associated companies are protagonists through the defense of their interests and the recognition of the Spanish engineering sector in all its fields.

  • We promote synergy between companies and address the new challenges of the sector such as the digital transition, innovation and sustainability.

  • Through commissions, committees and working groups, companies can share topics of interest, problems and above all, search for solutions.

  • TECNIBERIA promotes contacts with highly relevant stakeholders for the business and the exchange of knowledge at a sectoral level.

  • Through the activities offered by the Association, it seeks to contribute to the identification of new business opportunities, reinforce the positioning of the sector and support the international activity of companies abroad.

  • TECNIBERIA seeks to contribute in parallel to the unions, to the defense and promotion of its own economic and social interests. We are negotiators of the collective agreement of the sector.

  • We organize events, which today have become benchmarks for the sector and essential for the positioning of associated companies.

  • TECNIBERIA maintains a very active participation in the different National and International Associations (FIDIC, EFCA, FEPAC at the international level and the CEOE at the national level), where it spreads the message of its associates and has representatives at the main discussion tables .


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